• Ink is fused into the glass during the tempering process, resulting in better durability and resistance to scratching, UV and extreme weather exposure

  • Colors are digitally mixed which ensures a consistency throughout the project

  • Ceramic inks offer the widest variety of colors and specialty inks

  • Design versatility: unlimited printing options with superior resolution

9” x 9” up to 63 x 98”

4mm+ (there are currently 12mm products available)

Yes, any temper-able pattern glass can be printed on

  • Patterns

  • Photo-real images (up to 1410 DPI)

  • Single & multi-color

  • Organic textures

  • Specialty + Custom inks (Gold ink, Printed Mirrors)

  • All digitally printed glass will go through the tempering process afterwards

  • Printed glass can also be laminated and insulted

  • Glass can have cut-outs, notches, and holes. Glass can be polished beveled

  • Interior Design (Commercial + Residential)

  • Doors (Interior + Exterior)

  • Kitchens (Backsplash / Counter tops / Tables)

  • Staircases

  • Partitions

  • Shower doors

  • Wall decoration

  • Art installations / Signage

Printed glass can be cleaned with conventional glass cleaning methods

  • Vector Images (best for patterns or designs)
    .ai, .eps

  • Raster Images (photoreal)
    .tiff, .psd, .jpeg

  • Minimum PPI: 300 PPI (pixels per inch)

Hollander’s design team can help you translate drawings or sketches into a printable file

While we strive to use different design techniques and color matching methods, due to the fact that the medium of glass as a canvass is inherently different, some colors could look slightly different

Your project manager assigned will take you through our color matching techniques to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with results. We encourage our clients to take samples to the project site and view it under situational lighting conditions (natural light, artificial light, different times of day, etc.)

We strive to accommodate projects of all sizes within our fabrication limitations

Reach out to one of our sales reps or fill out a form describing your architectural or interior design project and we’ll get back to you with a complimentary design consultation